Agrea Centro Studi


Our applied research projects

We promote relationships with research institutions and have always been considered excellent interlocutors between the world of public research and the world of production. Considering the scientific competence and continuous raising of new problems, AGREA actively participates in applied research projects, also proposing its own ideas and solutions, especially in the context of newly or recently introduced pests/pathogens and new alien organisms dangerous for agricultural crops.

Furthermore, through our trustworthy consultancy companies, we can easily give an answer to the demand for financing from the production world, with companies that organize and finalize both national and European projects.

The following are the main issues where AGREA is currently involved.

Vineyards and wine production chain

We cannot mention them all, but certainly among the most important there are:

  • the new leafhopper Erasmoneura vulnerata

  • the resurgence of the “GRAPE YELLOWS” and the role of its vector Scaphoideus titanus

  • Hyalestes obsoletus

  • the new mealybugs of the vine

  • the drift and the studies to limit it

  • functional biodiversity in the vineyards

  • sexual confusion with modern methods

Fruit Fly (Drosophila suzukii)

For years, the production of cherries and small fruits has collapsed. We deal with monitoring and innovative techniques of low environmental impact, as well as biological control.

Brown Marmored Stink Bug
(Halyomorpha halys)

Recently introduced in Italy and Europe: monitoring and bioecological aspects, studies on control products, biology and phenology.

Vines and fruit trees

Forecasting models of experimental development, monitoring and technical assistance to wineries and consortia.

Kiwi vine decline

Study of predisposing factors, research on the water regulation, monitoring.

The new pest beetle Popillia japonica

Control strategies, experimental trials.

Monitoring of pests and quarantine pathogens

In numerous projects with some public entities, monitoring and identifying.